36 Tonnen Granit


Nachtcafé in Arles


a l'honneur de Niki de Saint Phalle


Edvard Munchs famous painting, plus partial view on two other versions (Munch has painted four versions)!


From several versions of "Catalan landscape" I made my choice for the one with the subtitle "The Hunter"!


It took a while before I have found the images fitting to this very vertical stone. The two paintings of Margritte, "The Pilgrim" (man with his head on left side of his body and hat) and "The king's museum" finally have been my choice!


Freud is fitting much better as image on the back, or rather of the front of "Roy". And "Freud by night" makes an even better impression.


Although this stone with this graceful woman image by Schiele is a bit off the centre, it has a certain charm being placed next to a rose bush and a rhododendron.


My very first stone was the classic "Kilroy", but soon the painting went off. So, before outside season, I made a completely new image, working inside the barn then, and decided to let "Kilroy" have a black brother (like in the U.S. Army, where the fig…


Again ladies! Picasso's model of both images was a young love-affair of Picasso, Marie Therése Walter. The one image is "La Réve" (Der Traum) and the other "La Lecture" (Die Lektüre)!


"Liz" is placed behind "Marilyn", but when one is coming to the garden, she is the first to look at the visitor. And "Liz by night" is an exciting "welcome-face"!


the first version of "Marilyn" used to have a different image on the back (American flag plus text) and also was damaged through weather conditions. Now there is Liz on the back!


Yellow Submarine renovated and partly new designed.


These pictures of the image have been made right after being painted, but meanwhile it is also damaged through weather conditions. In summer 2014 I will not only restore the image, but maybe I will remodel it by adding a snake and maybe a head.